JWU Involvement Network

In Uncategorized, Ways to connect on September 13, 2011 by JWU Commutes

This year JWU launched 2 different types of software to streamline communication and interactivity in both the academia and the realm of Student Activities: Ulearn and the Involvement Network.

The Involvement Network is a new tool that the university adopted to help students manage their involvement in clubs and organizations on campus.

For Club Officers:
It’s great for club officers to manage their club rosters, request appropriations, reserve event space, advertise events, conduct surveys, record community service hours, host elections,  post pictures, and I’m sure I missed a few. Basically anything that is involved with managing an organization, the Involvement Network provides for you.

For Students and Club Members:
The Involvement Network is great for regular students and club members because it keeps track of all of your meetings and events all in one place. You can also go on and browse all of the different events happening on campus and browse and learn more about all of our many clubs and organizations we have on campus to join. Depending on how detailed you get with you profile, the Involvement Network can even recommend clubs and orgs for you to join based on your interests.  If you’re club is not active on the Involvement Network yet, contact your President and encourage them to get connect.

For our commuters specifically, check out the Commuter Student Network page on the Involvement Network and click to join! Our first meeting is coming up next Tuesday, September 20, 2011. Details on the Involvement Network.


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