Emergency Notification System

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2011 by JWU Commutes

As of May 2011, the Johnson & Wales Campus Safety and Security Office was awarded the IACLEA Accreditation  to become the first institution of higher education with non-sworn in officers in the Northeast to receive this prestigious recognition. Safety and Security was called to action this past weekend when notifications were sent out through the JWU Providence emergency notification system.  Students, families, faculty, and staff in the system received a phone call and text message at 4am on Sunday morning regarding a shooting near the Downcity Campus. A second alert was sent the following hour  letting everyone know that JWU students were not involved.

As a member of the off-campus population, how do you feel about receiving these alerts during an emergency?


One Response to “Emergency Notification System”

  1. i hated it i dont live anywhere near there and plus i was safe in bed it was 4am and then again 6am and it woke me up twice and then it called my father at home and only bad things happen when someone calls that late at night so he was all worried not a good choice to send out these messages at that time. it should be a text message only nothing else

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