Last Minute JWU Gift Ideas

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2011 by JWU Commutes

Leaving for break tomorrow and still scrambling to get a gift for your roommate? Or, are you a person who has everything you need and you’re struggling to think of something to ask for from your friends and family? Here are some practical gifts that might make your commuting experience more enjoyable.

1. ProvPass

Are you always searching underneath couch cushions and car seats forquarters to feed the meter every day? Search no more. While you’re waiting in line at the Municipal Court to pay your most recent parking ticket, grab a ProvPass. ProvPass is a prepaid parking meter card that allows you to swipe it at any street meter in Providence, even the old meters are compatible. Just swipe it when you first get to your parking spot, then swipe before you leave. Makes for the perfect last minute gift. You can purchase it at any city office including City Hall and at all AAA locations in Rhode Island.

2. Meal Plan

Starving in between classes but just hate the thought of spending money on lunch every day? Ask for a meal plan and eat on campus in between classes. You can’t beat the convenience. And if you buy them in bulk you can receive a discount.

10 Meals: $61.75 = $6.18 per meal
25 Meals: $146.25 = $5.85 per meal
50 Meals: $276.25 = $5.53 per meal

3. Commuter Parking PassIt’s still not too late to park at Harborside. Commuterparking permits are only $25 per term. That equals one parking ticket downtown.

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