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Group Projects Solutions

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Week 10 is finally here. Let me guess, you have been running around like crazy trying to put that group presentation together. Or have you been kicking back and watching your group member do it for you? I may be a little late, but here are a few tips to make those group project fiasco’s go a little smoother next tri.

1. Make time to be on campus for group meetings.

Places to meet on campus for group meetings:

  • The library (reserve a room via library website, call, chat, or text)
  • Downcity Starbucks
  • Harborside Starbucks (you can call and reserve the conference room!)
  • Harborside Village Community Building
  • Commuter Lounge
  • Ad Lab (4th floor Xavier, it has Mac computers and a color printer)
  • Intercultural Center (next to Xavier Resident Hall)
  • Harborside Rec Center Lounge or reserve the conference room

2. Start the project at the beginning of the tri and work on it while your professor lectures over the section in class. Also, the earlier you start, the more time you have to fire people from your groups if they’re not pulling their weight.


3. Get phone numbers and emails from your group members as soon as you are assigned to your groups.

4. Instead of emailing your documents to one person to put together, createGoogle Doc so that everyone in the group can access and work on  it on their own time. Google docs has documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings that you can share with your group members. You can also chat with your group members and work on the same document simultaneously. This is also helpful if you cannot find the time to meet with your group members.

5. Tired of boring slides on a PowerPoint presentation? Use Prezi!It’s the presentation that zooms in and out!

Caution: These are all great tools, but cannot guarantee your group members won’t be flakes.

Signed: your Commuter Assistant