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Why a commuter commutes.

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Just from my own observation; these are the primary reasons why a person going to college would chose to commute instead of living on campus.

1. Financial Barriers

It is obviously less expensive to commute instead of live on campus. Here at Johnson and Wales, students pay on average $10,000 extra to live on campus. But that $10,000 is all inclusive.  Off campus residences range in prices, it is safe to say that it is possible to find a place for less than $1000 a month for rent. But, there are other costs that come along with having your own place: car problems, parking tickets, parking in general, furniture, groceries, eating out, security deposits, burglary, cable, internet,  gas & electric, coined operated laundry, etc.

It is EVEN cheaper to live at home. In ideal cases, families will be willing to let you stay home, eat their food, pay no rent, but you just have to continue living in the house you grew up in and abiding by their rules.

2. Freedom

Another reason why students chose to live off campus is that they have the freedom to do whatever they chose with exception of the Good Neighbor Policy. Living at home or in a residence halls includes having rules and regulations. In most resident halls, residents must check their guests in and out at the friends desk, you are limited to only having 2, and they cannot stay more than 3 consecutive nights. There is also a huge list of prohibited items such as candles, incense, Christmas trees, additional furniture, alcohol, narcotics or any drug related items, and many more. Yes, many of them make sense as to why they would be prohibited but some would not seem to be a problem in your own house or apartment.

3. College is a part of your life, but not your entire life.

The “typical” college student would ideally immerse themselves into the “college experience” because that is the thing to do. Typically, students will search and apply for colleges in high school, graduate from high school, then pack up and go to college in the fall. As a part of settling into college, they will make friends in their resident halls, either love or hate their roommate, join something, party, you know the story. While that story may seem to be the norm in the eyes of a college freshman living in the res halls, that is not the only story. College is for adults of all ages. Some of the student population here goes to class and goes home to their lives. College students who live on campus or did live on campus at some point, college is their life.

Are my observations correct? Answer my poll question.