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JWU Involvement Network

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This year JWU launched 2 different types of software to streamline communication and interactivity in both the academia and the realm of Student Activities: Ulearn and the Involvement Network.

The Involvement Network is a new tool that the university adopted to help students manage their involvement in clubs and organizations on campus.

For Club Officers:
It’s great for club officers to manage their club rosters, request appropriations, reserve event space, advertise events, conduct surveys, record community service hours, host elections,  post pictures, and I’m sure I missed a few. Basically anything that is involved with managing an organization, the Involvement Network provides for you.

For Students and Club Members:
The Involvement Network is great for regular students and club members because it keeps track of all of your meetings and events all in one place. You can also go on and browse all of the different events happening on campus and browse and learn more about all of our many clubs and organizations we have on campus to join. Depending on how detailed you get with you profile, the Involvement Network can even recommend clubs and orgs for you to join based on your interests.  If you’re club is not active on the Involvement Network yet, contact your President and encourage them to get connect.

For our commuters specifically, check out the Commuter Student Network page on the Involvement Network and click to join! Our first meeting is coming up next Tuesday, September 20, 2011. Details on the Involvement Network.



Winter Week is Here!

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The University Involvement is vital to campus traditions here at JWU. UIB plans  an abundance of different events on campus, Winter Week being one of them.

What is Winter Week?
Winter Week is one of the 3 Major Weeks UIB puts on. Major Week meaning that there is some sort of event every single day of that week. There is a Major Week for every trimester. Fall trimester was Freak Week (around Halloween), Winter trimester is Winter Week, and Spring trimester is Spring Week (leads up to Wildcat Wahoo).

What events are being held during Winter Week?
Monday: Winter Bingo 8:00PM at the 2nd floor Harborside Recreation Center

Grand Prize: Duracell myGrid




Tuesday: Decorate your own Hat & Scarf in Weybosset Street Cafe after dinner or your late afternoon classes from 4:30pm-8:30pm FOR FREE. Get your name airbrushed onto a warm fleece hat and/or scarf. They will come in handy on these snowy days we have been having lately!



Wednesday: One Ton Sundae an on going tradition will be held on theDowncity Campus this year in Pepsi Forum. Be sure to stop into Pepsi in between classes or after lunch for a FREE bucket of ice cream from 11am-2pm.




Thursday: The  Ice Skating at Kennedy Plaza trip is already at capacity, a luck 25 people are going Ice Skating for free from 6-8pm. Anyone else who wants to join is more than welcome to join, but for a small price.

Also our weekly movie showing will be Due Date starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. 9pm HRC Lounge



Friday: UIB’s Mini Concert Committee has collaborated with Prof. Covino and Prof. Gilbert’s SEE3060 Concert and Event Management class to put on The Winter Week Concert with Cloud 9 and guest performers . The concert will begin at 6PM in Pepsi Forum. $5 admission, all proceeds go to Keep the Heat On and the Providence Animal Rescue League both great local charities. There will be a number of raffles and fabulous prizes during the event. Be looking out for Cloud 9 demo cds at our other Winter Week events!


Saturday: Snoball 2011 is a Perfectly Platinum theme. Snoball is JWU’s Winter formal held at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI. Tickets are still available for $20. Your $20 will get you transportation to the event, a meal (steak, chicken, or penne primavera), photos, dancing, and great memories. It is a long running tradition and is always a good mix of freshman, upperclassmen, faculty, and staff. Get your tickets before they sell out!



Sunday: And the week wraps up with our Superbowl Party. Join UIB in watching the Steelers vs. the Packers play in in Superbowl XVL. Free pizza, wings, drinks, and prizes! The party start at 5PM in the HRC Lounge.




Hope you are able to make it to some fun events! Best way to feel connected to your school is to participate in activities that the school offers. The UIB budget is allocated from the university, so some of your fees and tuition pay for these. You should get your moneys worth.


Your Commuter Relations Assistant




Working on Campus

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Working on campus is a great way to connect with the university and get paid! Working on campus alleviates many commuter concerns. If you work in an office of any sort, they have: kitchens, a place to keep your things, a place to sit and study, a place to print, and if you’re lucky you can even get a place to park. Jobs at school are unique because they recognize that school comes first. Scheduling is flexible around your class schedule, and you are allowed to have first pick of classes on registration day.

There are different levels of employment on campus. First is work-study. Work study is correlated with financial aid, so if you qualify, you can work 10 hours a week at $7.40 an hour on campus or you can work at a non-profit location off campus and work 9 hours a week at $8.25 an hour. Being a work study in a location is a great way to get your foot in the door and move up to other positions offered there. For instance, many students who chose to do their work study at the front desk of a resident hall end up being an RA (resident assistant) or a FDM (front desk manager). This is great for commuters because you get to meet everyone who lives in that res hall and if you commute for financial reason, RA’s get an $8000 scholarship that usually ends up off setting the cost of living on campus. You can find work studys starting off in the dining halls (the ones with the blue polo and hat) and you can work your way up to being a TA at Weybo (Weybosset St. Cafe) or Red Sauce. These are just a few examples, there are work studys EVERYWHERE.

The second level of student employment is Student Assistant Positions. Student Assistants work 18-25 hours a week with starting pay at $7.40 an hour and also get $1000 scholarship each trimester. Student Assistant job descriptions vary with the department one choses to work in. Also depending on where you work, you have down time and you are able to do homework while in the office. Job postings can be found online on the same site as internship opportunities are posted (found on the  jwulink/ and sometimes they are posted on the bulletin board in Wales Hall next to the Student Employment office.

The Student Activities Office is looking to hire new student assistants. Student Activities Office consists of over 13 different student assistant positions. The office is overseen by only 6 professional staff members and the rest is students. There will be an info session on Tuesday the 25th from 5PM-8PM about working in the office and there will be applications available at the info session as well at CBCSI (Citizens Bank Center for Student Involvement, aka Student Activities Office) and the Harborside location on the 2nd floor of the Recreation Center.

The Teaching Assistant Programs are for students who have already completed a Culinary, Pastry, Hotel internship or a term abroad. TA’s work at the university’s hotel sites, restaurants, travel tourism sites, dining halls, and culinary classrooms. TA’s  work 32 hours a week and starting pay is $8 an hour.

Being an employee of the university is a great way of connecting with your school. Student employees know “inside information” about what is happening on campus. Working on campus is also a great way to network with faculty, staff, and administration. The perks are endless.

Signed, your Commuter Assistant.