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There’s a new iPhone app for JWU students from Transportation to make finding bus times from the convenience of their phones. The new app includes the full JWU bus schedule from Monday-Sunday and to and from all locations the bus runs. The app is free. Download it for free!




Tips to Easing Your Commute

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Getting to campus may seem daunting sometimes. Here are a few ways to make it less stressful.

Over budget the time you think it takes to get somewhere.

Leave room for unexpected traffic on I95, the RIPTA being late, or the JWU bus being filled and having to wait for the next one. So what if you get to campus a little early. There are many places you can go on campus in between classes. You can grab a coffee and hang out at Starbucks or get a commuter meal plan and have a meal in the dining locations. You could head to the library or computer lab to print your syllabus before class too.

2. Street Parking – ProvPass
On July 5th, the city of Providence increased parking meter rates where 25 cents will only get you 12 minutes as opposed to 15 like before.

Good news: No quarters, no problem! You can purchase prepaid ProvPass smart card in denominations of $10 and $20. These can be purchased at any official city building like the Municipal Court, Traffic Engineer’s Office, or you can walk to the the downtown Providence AAA branch on 55 Dorrance St.

Details can be found here.


3. Put your smartphones to work
 Instead of carrying around a mess of bus schedules or frantically waiting for them to load on your phones, take screen shots of them on your smartphone so they can be easily accessed in your photos. Once a screenshot is taken you (at least on iPhones) you are free to zoom in and out to find the appropriate bus time. Follow @RIPTA_RI on Twitter to get updates on detours and other news. And take the guess-work out of finding the right bus number and use Google Transit to plan your trip on public transportation.

Please share your tips with comments or interacting with our Facebook page.


Commuter Computer Lab Now Open!

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I have had this commuter position for a trimester now. I have completed my first commuter initiative. The commuter lounge (student lounge in the lower level of Xavier Academic) has a computer lab that, in the past, has been used as an overflow computer lab without any consistent hours of operation. I met with the person who is in charge of the computer labs on the Downcity campus and we now have regular hours of operation in the commuter lounge computer lab. It will now be open during normal computer lab hours from 11am-7pm.

Commuter initiatives have been taking small baby steps in making your commuter experience at JWU better. My next project is looking to install some lockers in the commuter lounge. I will keep you posted as that moves forward.

I hope you had a nice winter trimester, despite all of that driving in the bad weather. Enjoy your long weekend, and study, study, study for you final exams!


Group Projects Solutions

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Week 10 is finally here. Let me guess, you have been running around like crazy trying to put that group presentation together. Or have you been kicking back and watching your group member do it for you? I may be a little late, but here are a few tips to make those group project fiasco’s go a little smoother next tri.

1. Make time to be on campus for group meetings.

Places to meet on campus for group meetings:

  • The library (reserve a room via library website, call, chat, or text)
  • Downcity Starbucks
  • Harborside Starbucks (you can call and reserve the conference room!)
  • Harborside Village Community Building
  • Commuter Lounge
  • Ad Lab (4th floor Xavier, it has Mac computers and a color printer)
  • Intercultural Center (next to Xavier Resident Hall)
  • Harborside Rec Center Lounge or reserve the conference room

2. Start the project at the beginning of the tri and work on it while your professor lectures over the section in class. Also, the earlier you start, the more time you have to fire people from your groups if they’re not pulling their weight.


3. Get phone numbers and emails from your group members as soon as you are assigned to your groups.

4. Instead of emailing your documents to one person to put together, createGoogle Doc so that everyone in the group can access and work on  it on their own time. Google docs has documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings that you can share with your group members. You can also chat with your group members and work on the same document simultaneously. This is also helpful if you cannot find the time to meet with your group members.

5. Tired of boring slides on a PowerPoint presentation? Use Prezi!It’s the presentation that zooms in and out!

Caution: These are all great tools, but cannot guarantee your group members won’t be flakes.

Signed: your Commuter Assistant


Winter Week is Here!

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The University Involvement is vital to campus traditions here at JWU. UIB plans  an abundance of different events on campus, Winter Week being one of them.

What is Winter Week?
Winter Week is one of the 3 Major Weeks UIB puts on. Major Week meaning that there is some sort of event every single day of that week. There is a Major Week for every trimester. Fall trimester was Freak Week (around Halloween), Winter trimester is Winter Week, and Spring trimester is Spring Week (leads up to Wildcat Wahoo).

What events are being held during Winter Week?
Monday: Winter Bingo 8:00PM at the 2nd floor Harborside Recreation Center

Grand Prize: Duracell myGrid




Tuesday: Decorate your own Hat & Scarf in Weybosset Street Cafe after dinner or your late afternoon classes from 4:30pm-8:30pm FOR FREE. Get your name airbrushed onto a warm fleece hat and/or scarf. They will come in handy on these snowy days we have been having lately!



Wednesday: One Ton Sundae an on going tradition will be held on theDowncity Campus this year in Pepsi Forum. Be sure to stop into Pepsi in between classes or after lunch for a FREE bucket of ice cream from 11am-2pm.




Thursday: The  Ice Skating at Kennedy Plaza trip is already at capacity, a luck 25 people are going Ice Skating for free from 6-8pm. Anyone else who wants to join is more than welcome to join, but for a small price.

Also our weekly movie showing will be Due Date starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. 9pm HRC Lounge



Friday: UIB’s Mini Concert Committee has collaborated with Prof. Covino and Prof. Gilbert’s SEE3060 Concert and Event Management class to put on The Winter Week Concert with Cloud 9 and guest performers . The concert will begin at 6PM in Pepsi Forum. $5 admission, all proceeds go to Keep the Heat On and the Providence Animal Rescue League both great local charities. There will be a number of raffles and fabulous prizes during the event. Be looking out for Cloud 9 demo cds at our other Winter Week events!


Saturday: Snoball 2011 is a Perfectly Platinum theme. Snoball is JWU’s Winter formal held at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI. Tickets are still available for $20. Your $20 will get you transportation to the event, a meal (steak, chicken, or penne primavera), photos, dancing, and great memories. It is a long running tradition and is always a good mix of freshman, upperclassmen, faculty, and staff. Get your tickets before they sell out!



Sunday: And the week wraps up with our Superbowl Party. Join UIB in watching the Steelers vs. the Packers play in in Superbowl XVL. Free pizza, wings, drinks, and prizes! The party start at 5PM in the HRC Lounge.




Hope you are able to make it to some fun events! Best way to feel connected to your school is to participate in activities that the school offers. The UIB budget is allocated from the university, so some of your fees and tuition pay for these. You should get your moneys worth.


Your Commuter Relations Assistant




Working on Campus

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Working on campus is a great way to connect with the university and get paid! Working on campus alleviates many commuter concerns. If you work in an office of any sort, they have: kitchens, a place to keep your things, a place to sit and study, a place to print, and if you’re lucky you can even get a place to park. Jobs at school are unique because they recognize that school comes first. Scheduling is flexible around your class schedule, and you are allowed to have first pick of classes on registration day.

There are different levels of employment on campus. First is work-study. Work study is correlated with financial aid, so if you qualify, you can work 10 hours a week at $7.40 an hour on campus or you can work at a non-profit location off campus and work 9 hours a week at $8.25 an hour. Being a work study in a location is a great way to get your foot in the door and move up to other positions offered there. For instance, many students who chose to do their work study at the front desk of a resident hall end up being an RA (resident assistant) or a FDM (front desk manager). This is great for commuters because you get to meet everyone who lives in that res hall and if you commute for financial reason, RA’s get an $8000 scholarship that usually ends up off setting the cost of living on campus. You can find work studys starting off in the dining halls (the ones with the blue polo and hat) and you can work your way up to being a TA at Weybo (Weybosset St. Cafe) or Red Sauce. These are just a few examples, there are work studys EVERYWHERE.

The second level of student employment is Student Assistant Positions. Student Assistants work 18-25 hours a week with starting pay at $7.40 an hour and also get $1000 scholarship each trimester. Student Assistant job descriptions vary with the department one choses to work in. Also depending on where you work, you have down time and you are able to do homework while in the office. Job postings can be found online on the same site as internship opportunities are posted (found on the  jwulink/ and sometimes they are posted on the bulletin board in Wales Hall next to the Student Employment office.

The Student Activities Office is looking to hire new student assistants. Student Activities Office consists of over 13 different student assistant positions. The office is overseen by only 6 professional staff members and the rest is students. There will be an info session on Tuesday the 25th from 5PM-8PM about working in the office and there will be applications available at the info session as well at CBCSI (Citizens Bank Center for Student Involvement, aka Student Activities Office) and the Harborside location on the 2nd floor of the Recreation Center.

The Teaching Assistant Programs are for students who have already completed a Culinary, Pastry, Hotel internship or a term abroad. TA’s work at the university’s hotel sites, restaurants, travel tourism sites, dining halls, and culinary classrooms. TA’s  work 32 hours a week and starting pay is $8 an hour.

Being an employee of the university is a great way of connecting with your school. Student employees know “inside information” about what is happening on campus. Working on campus is also a great way to network with faculty, staff, and administration. The perks are endless.

Signed, your Commuter Assistant.


Why a commuter commutes.

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Just from my own observation; these are the primary reasons why a person going to college would chose to commute instead of living on campus.

1. Financial Barriers

It is obviously less expensive to commute instead of live on campus. Here at Johnson and Wales, students pay on average $10,000 extra to live on campus. But that $10,000 is all inclusive.  Off campus residences range in prices, it is safe to say that it is possible to find a place for less than $1000 a month for rent. But, there are other costs that come along with having your own place: car problems, parking tickets, parking in general, furniture, groceries, eating out, security deposits, burglary, cable, internet,  gas & electric, coined operated laundry, etc.

It is EVEN cheaper to live at home. In ideal cases, families will be willing to let you stay home, eat their food, pay no rent, but you just have to continue living in the house you grew up in and abiding by their rules.

2. Freedom

Another reason why students chose to live off campus is that they have the freedom to do whatever they chose with exception of the Good Neighbor Policy. Living at home or in a residence halls includes having rules and regulations. In most resident halls, residents must check their guests in and out at the friends desk, you are limited to only having 2, and they cannot stay more than 3 consecutive nights. There is also a huge list of prohibited items such as candles, incense, Christmas trees, additional furniture, alcohol, narcotics or any drug related items, and many more. Yes, many of them make sense as to why they would be prohibited but some would not seem to be a problem in your own house or apartment.

3. College is a part of your life, but not your entire life.

The “typical” college student would ideally immerse themselves into the “college experience” because that is the thing to do. Typically, students will search and apply for colleges in high school, graduate from high school, then pack up and go to college in the fall. As a part of settling into college, they will make friends in their resident halls, either love or hate their roommate, join something, party, you know the story. While that story may seem to be the norm in the eyes of a college freshman living in the res halls, that is not the only story. College is for adults of all ages. Some of the student population here goes to class and goes home to their lives. College students who live on campus or did live on campus at some point, college is their life.

Are my observations correct? Answer my poll question.